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The Wonderful World of Word Chums

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The Word Chums Experience is a one-of-a-kind word game that has had people worldwide stoked since it was first developed by Peoplefun in 2012. Word Chums allows players to participate in games with two to four “Chums”, each being a customized character, a monster, or animal “avatar”. What is YOUR spirit animal by the way?

XPs and Coins — The Currencies in Word Chums

Word Chums is filled with tiny little features that appeal to the reward center of our brains. During the game, the Chums can collect Experience Points (XPs) and Coins. For each word you play, you get as many XPs as you get points. Experience Points will get you to higher levels. Also, you receive a coin for each letter in each word you play. With the coins you can buy much-needed gear and upgrades to make your avatars both more handsome and more powerful!

Hints and Bombs

Word Chums has neat little gadgets to make the game appealing to your inner child. There are BOMBS you can drop at any point where you are literally at a loss for words. The Bomb will swap your entire set of letters so that you can try again. To put it simply: where a normal word game player passes, a Word Chums Chum will drop the Bomb! Also, using hints in an active game of Word Chums is not looked down upon. On the contrary, there is a HINT button included to show you the best spot for the best word. But sometimes, a hint just isn’t broad enough and like the Bombs, hints are limited and have to be paid for with hard-earned points. This is where our Word Chums help comes in!

The Word Chums Tool by word-grabber.com

At word-grabber.com we have several word generators and tools for different word games. Our generators draw the solutions from valid and official word lists.

A Overview of our Word Chums Tool

Get a quick overview with our video about our Word Chums Tool:

What is our Word Chums Helper?

The Word Chums Helper makes words from letters for the popular mobile word game Word Chums. You can type in letters to create a word, but also a pattern to be matched or the number of blanks to be used. It also helps you by saving hints and bombs, so you can reach higher levels faster.

Using Our Word Chums Help to Create Words

Using our Word Chums Help is quite easy: Just type in the letters you want to form words with for Word Chums and press GRAB IT. If you want to improve the possible results, you can use a specific pattern including field scores (see list below) or select from different options, like the amount of blank tiles.

Highlighted Results in Word Chums Cheat

In Word Chums Cheat the blanks and letters from the pattern are accentuated, so that blanks can be underlined differently and letters from the board are displayed white against a brown background.

Quick Guide for Settings and Patterns in Word Chums Cheat

1. Letters: Simply type in the letters you want to generate words from in Word Chums.
2. Blanks: By using a white space or dot, you can shift the blank selection below depending on whether you need one or two blanks. When you set a third white space or dot, the selection will move back to zero.
3. Pattern (optional): Match the results to a specific situation on the Word Chums board.

Symbols for Use in the Pattern Field

a-z for letters already on the board
. (dot): empty field
2 : empty field with double letter score
3 : empty field with triple letter score
6 : empty field with quadruple letter score
4 : empty field with double word score
5 : empty field with triple word score
6 : empty field with quadruple word score

Words For Pictures Game Cheat Sheet

Please note that if you use patterns, the results will be no longer than the number of characters you entered into the pattern field. This way you can limit the length of the results by using a specific number of dots.

A Word Chums Game Example Using Our Pattern Field

Like most other word games, Word Chums requires you to build your words by attaching them to another one already on the board. Here, the player wants to build a new word around the E at the end of the word KITE. Also, our Chum wants to include a quadruple word score field. The pattern our chum needs to type in is therefore T3…E.6. Let’s see, how that works out!

Experience Points in Word Chums

Word Chums rewards players with Experience Points (XPs). If you can manage to get enough, you might even become King or Queen of the Chums. There are currently 122 realms under your rule that go from “Novice” to “Interstellar Speller”. You also get 10, 20, or 40 bonus points for five-, six- and seven-letter words respectively.

Word Chums and Friends

On word-grabber.com you can learn more about the popular mobile word game Word Chums. More and more word game enthusiasts have tried out this game and now they can’t stop playing. Word Chums combines the concept of other popular word games with a colorful little avatar world. You can visit the following pages to find interesting articles about Word Chums strategies.

Articles about Word Chums in Mobile Word Games

Do you like to play word games on mobile devices like iPhone, Blackberry, or your Android system? We will keep you updated on the latest developments in the mobile word game world. In our category “Mobile word games”, you will also find more interesting articles about Word Chums.



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